Introduction: How to Straighten Hair Overnight, Naturally, Without Heat

I have really curly hair and I don't want to ruin it by always using an iron. I found a way to straighten it naturally and love the effect my hair gets. It didn't give it the perfectly straight hair that an iron gives but it tamed my hair and made it pretty. It probably gives people with wavy or straight hair a straighter and smoother look. Plus, it makes my hair so much softer! The first picture is my normally curly hair when it was wet, and the second is my straighter hair the next morning :)

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

Your hair should be very wet; it's best to do it right after showering. Make a part on top then divide it on bottom and put a pony or something to keep one part separate.

Step 2: Brush and Pin

Take a section of the part that you left loose and brush it straight against your head. Put in bobby pins every so often. Bring that strand of hair around your head, making sure to keep on brushing it before pinning it.

Step 3: Continue

Continue with the rest of your hair, putting the strands around your head and on top of each other. If your hair starts drying in middle, make it wet again, otherwise it won't work. It's ok if some pieces of hair are not perfectly straight.

Step 4: Get Some Beauty Sleep

Leave in the bobby pins until the morning, and when you wake up enjoy your straighter, softer hair:)

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