How to Tie a 320 Facet Globe Knot Using a 3D Printed Model




Introduction: How to Tie a 320 Facet Globe Knot Using a 3D Printed Model

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A globe knot is a form of Turk's head knot that can be tied to cover a sphere. The standard way to tie a globe knot is to tie the knot around a cylindrical mandrel, then transfer the knot to a ball that you want to cover. In this instructable I'll show you how to tie a 320 facet globe knot by 3D printing a model of one and directly tying the knot around it.

For great instructions on how to tie many different globe knots using a mandrel I recommend The Globe Knot Cookbook, by Don Burrhus:

Step 1: Materials

The model of the globe knot can be ordered from my Shapeways shop:
I recommend getting it in the white, strong and flexible material as we'll be sticking pins in it. When I received mine, there was a  lot of white powder still in the middle, so I recommend rinsing it in water to get it out. Then let it dry before you begin tying.

Or, if you have a 3D printer you can print the attached stl file.

You'll also want some T-pins and some kind of small diameter cord. I'll be using lacrosse crosslace which can be ordered online in many different colors:

Step 2:

Stick a bunch of pins in between strands. I used 40 pins total. I put 20 on the top and 20 on the bottom and placed them where the bights would be if tied around a cylinder. Once I started tying it I realized I probably should have just evenly distributed them around the knot. So you can do whatever seems easiest, but you'll be using the pins to keep your cord in place while you weave the knot.

Step 3:

Now cut about 12 feet of cord and start tying the knot. I recommend starting half way through the length of your cord to limit how much you have to pull through every time you go under. When you run out of cord one way, just pick up the other end and start going around the other way. Just weave the knot exactly how the model goes. Make sure to go over or under depending on what the model does.

Step 4:

Eventually, you'll come back to where you started! You can snip the ends close to the knot if you just want the ball or you can form the ends into some kind of loop to use it as an ornament.

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