Introduction: How to Tie a Woggle or Turk's Head Knot

Woggles or Turk's Head Knot are used primarily used for a decoration. They can be used for napkin bands, neckerchief slide or anything else that you want a decorative loop around.

While the first attempt at creating a woggle will seem awkward, once the pattern becomes apparent, the steps are quite repetitive and will soon become self evident.

Step 1: Gather Materials

In order to make a Woggle or Turk's Head you will need:
-Rope (The length of rope will vary depending on the diameter of the rope and the size of the woggle you are making.) For this example I used 4 feet of rope to make a large woggle.
-Your hand (I am right handed, and built the woggle on my left hand. If you are left handed, it would be best to reverse everything!)

Step 2:

Begin by placing rope over your hand. Have the longer length of rope behind your hand and about 3-4 inches on the tail in front.

Step 3:

Grab the longer rope and bring it behind your hand and up to the front of your thumb making an "X".

Step 4:

Pass the leading rope behind your hand and back around, staying to the left of the "X".

Step 5:

At the top of your palm, poke the leading tip of the rope over the second wrap and under the first. 

Step 6:

Turn your hand palm down.

Step 7:

The first wrap (now in the middle) must slide below the second wrap to its left, so that the second wrap is now the middle.

Step 8:

The third wrap with the tip passes over the second wrap and pokes under the first wrap. Pull tight. 

Step 9:

Turn your hand over. With the leading tip cross over the left wrap and under the right wrap.

Step 10:

At this point the woggle should look like this (from the back)

Step 11:

Now with your palm up take the leading edge and feed it through the gap between the left most wrap and the one on the far right. Trace the path of the previous wrap, which is in the center. 

Step 12:

Follow parallel wraps going under or over overlapping wraps. 

Step 13:

Keep following the previous wrap, keeping the line snug as you finish each pass. Parallel lines should lie along side previous wraps, and not on top, so that they form a band.

Step 14:

Continue following the weave pattern throughout the construction of the woggle.

Step 15:

At this point you should see a nice weave pattern develop. 

Step 16:

Continue following the weave pattern until you run out of rope. 

Step 17:

If you have constructed your woggle correctly, you should have a 3 wrap weave. 

Step 18:

Cut excess rope from both ends. Tuck the ends under the next wrap to hide the ends. 

Step 19:

You finished your woggle! The hole in the middle where your hand was is now available for enclosing a napkin, as a neckerchief slide, to decorate a water bottle, or anything that comes to mind. Be creative!