Introduction: Make an Air Soft Gun for Under $5

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This is a guide on how to make a air soft gun from a Nerf gun.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

     -A Old Nerf gun
     -A BIC pen tube
     -A Nerf bullet
     -A pair of scissors
     -Some Gorilla glue

Step 2: The Pen Tube

Take apart the pen by manually taking it apart or cutting it.

Step 3: Take Apart the Bullet

Using your hands,  just pull out the front.

Step 4: Glue It All Together!

Slide the bullet on to the end of the pen tube (like in picture above) and glue both pieces together. Once that glue dries, stick the new air soft barrel in to the Nerf gun barrel and glue them together. Now that you are done, have fun with your new air soft gun!

 Be careful of where you aim the gun and always remember to wear safety glasses.
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