Introduction: How to Use OLED Display Arduino Module

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Hello guys, this is the first time we(smart prototyping) post an instructable here, thanks for watching! We will keep on post funny instructable, hope we can help you a little and communicate with your guys!

Here is the 0.96 inch OLED display instructables for how to display chars and binary BMP picture.
This 0.96inch OLED display has 128x64 resolution, three kind of light color, blue light white light and blue/yellow light, I think the blue light has better display effect than the others. The display with small dimension, very suitable for smart watch, function cellphone, smart health device, now let's start using it to display chars and a Bentley logo picture.

No need to understand any code here, just following the step to do it, you will know how it work and you can control it whatever you like to display.

Here is our product page:

OLED 0.96inch 12864 display module

Dupont Wire Male to Male 40P 2.54mm 20cm

Step 1: ​Connecting the Module to Arduio, This OLED Module Have Six Pins,

Connecting the module to Arduio, this OLED module have six pins,







Step 2: Copy the Code in Arduino IDE, and Change the Chars in Function "LED_P8x16Str"

down load this Arduino code, and copy it to Arduino IDE.

Find below code in the bottom,

void loop()

LED_P8x16Str(23,0,"welcome to");




Here you can change the comment that you want to display in line 1, line two, line three. The first and second parameter is the starting x,y coordinate.

Step 3: Upload the Code

Upload the code, then you will see the text showing on display now!

Step 4: Now Start to Display a Bentley Logo

Here is the bentley logo picture here, transfer the picture to 128x64 pixel, save the picture.

if you don't know how to transfer the picture pixel, please download the 128x64 bmp here

Step 5: Transfer the Pic to Binary Code

Use the following soft transfer the BMP code to binary code,

Download bitmap_converter

save output to "logo.txt", open the logo.txt you will see the picture's binery code in
const unsigned char logo [] = {



Step 6: Copy the Binary Code in to Arduino IDE

Copy this example code(code-bmp.txt) to Arduino IDE

Instead the picture binary code in example code.

find the "

const unsigned char logo[]


and copy the code to this funtion. if you don't understand this step, you can just run the example code...

Step 7: Upload Code Done!

Now you can see it display on the OLED!