Introduction: How to Use a Fenix Multi-function Flashlight

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I am bored so I will teach you how to use a Fenix multi-function flashlight (if you dont know of course).

Step 1: First General Modes

First click it on. Then lightly tap the switch to go to medium (some lights dont have more then 1 general setting and possibly a turbo mode setting). Do the same to go to high and sos mode (like I said some dont have these modes).

I accidentally deleted the pic of me clicking it so here is one of me holding the light

Step 2: Turbo Mode

Now click the light off and turn the bezel clockwise when looking at the lens. Now click on. To get to strobe mode again lightly click the tail cap ( for the third time some lights dont have these modes).

Step 3: Have Fun

now go crazy and light up the night with "sunshine in your pocket"