Introduction: How to Write Secret Messages With Tape

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 In this instructable, I will cover ways to write secret messages using tape. I will also cover a couple of ways to use tape that are unusual.

Note: most of these are meant for being funny. Please don't just rate with 0.5 stars because these wouldn't work in real life. If you are looking for a real method of writing a secret message with tape, see step three.

Step 1: Secret Method #1

 By far the simplest method of concealing a secret message using tape.

Write your message on the protruding part. When the person reads it, they simply detach the tape.

Step 2: Secret Method #2

 Write your message on the side of the tape roll. Given enough time, the tape will be used and the message will vanish.

Step 3: Secret Method #3

 This is the least silly method and the most real one, too.

 Take a piece of tape and put it on the table (it must be a dark, flat surface). Secure both ends, but not the middle. Picture two shows a good example.
 Take a somewhat pointy object (not sharp, not something that will make a mark) and "write" your secret message on the tape with it.
 When the tape is peeled up, the message (almost) vanishes!

Step 4: Other Strange Methods

 Method 4: Write on a Rubik's cube. mix it up. Put a piece of tape on it. If the saboteur doesn't know the secret of the tape, he can't solve it!
 Method 5: See picture 2. The watch face is unreadable!
 Method 6: Cover the earbud with tape and play the secret message through. If the person doesn't know about the tape, she can't hear the message.
 Method 7: Cover the spy's eye with tape. [pics 4+5] He can't see with that eye!

Step 5: Other Uses

 Put it on someone's nose to confuse them!
 Help someone with the Vulcan sign!
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