Introduction: Out of Order

About: I'm a high school student in Vermont who loves to take things apart and (sometimes) put things back together or make things from scratch. I like to program and experiment and browse the net.

 Here is how to make a self-proclaiming out of order object (SPOOO for short). Here's the slideshow of all the finished products I have made.
 In this instructable, I will be modifying a camera.

Step 1: Figure It Out

 Plan what you're going to do. Locate the viewfinder's other end on the front side.

 I will use a white-out pen, but any thing like that (including sharpies) will do.

Step 2: Get Ready

 Find your writing implement. (sharpie, white-out pen, grease pencil, phaser)

 Get it ready.

Step 3: Write

 Be sure to write backwards!

Step 4: Done

 When your victim looks through (or if you wrote on the lens, takes a picture), (s)he will see "Out of Order" written over what (s)he sees!

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