Introduction: How to Write the Chinese Character for Dragon

Chinese characters are often hard to write. This guide will help you to be able tot write a very difficult Chinese character. It's pronounced "long" and it is the character for dragon.

Step 1: Left Top Corner

This part of the character for dragon has 5 strokes. It starts with a short line that goes straight down. The second stroke is to put a horizontal line underneath the vertical line. This line should be longer than the vertical line. The third and fourth strokes come in diagonally from the horizontal line. One comes in to the right and the other to the left. The last stroke in this part is the same as the second stroke and it goes under the two diagonal strokes.

Step 2: Bottom Left Corner

The bottom left corner has 4 strokes instead of 5. You will want to put this right underneath the last 5 strokes you drew. The first stroke is a vertical line. the second stroke is different than other ones we have done so far! You go from the very top of the vertical line and go horizontally a little bit and then go down vertically until you have reached the same spot as the other vertical line. The important thing for this stroke is at the very end you go up and to the left diagonally like you are making a check mark. The last two strokes go inside of what you have drawn here. One on the top and one on the bottom.

Step 3: Top Right Corner

Now that we have the left side completed we will go and complete the right side starting with the top right. We start with a horizontal line. The second stroke is tough to describe. You start a little bit above the horizontal line that you just made and you go vertical down. You go vertical the the same level as the end of the top left corner, then turn right and make a horizontal line parallel to the first stroke of this part. At the end of that go vertical down the just a little bit. The last stroke of this section is to make another parallel horizontal line same length as the two previous.

Step 4: Bottom Right Corner

The final step has 4 more strokes. We start at the end of our last horizontal stroke. You will start there and make a backwards "J" the hook should not be as deep but it should be like a sharp hook. The second and third strokes here are horizontal lines starting at the edge of the backwards "J" and goes horizontally to the right. The last stroke goes below these two horizontal strokes and you just make a horizontal stroke that is twice as long as the previous two!