Introduction: How to Zoetrop, Kind Of.

Do you want to make a zoetrope? This is not the tutorial for you. So I would suggest you go to a different tutorial.

Oh you're still here, well I'm going to tell you what you need to make the kind of zoetrope that I tried to make but in the end failed to do so. However, I'll tell the proper way in making it more functional than the one I made. Weird, eh?

Step 1: Getting materials

You'll need:

Masonite 20in x20in

36in ruler



slight understanding of animation:

Loctite Super Glue

Access to a laser cutter

Access to a band saw

A program that creates vector files

An image sequence of 38-40 frames

For example: I used adobe Illustrator CS6

Step 1: Have All the Materials?

Sweet, things are going well for you. Create an image sequence and upload it into illustrator. The image sequence should be a silhouette because it makes your life easier. Once uploaded into illustrator convert those images into vectors by clicking, "live trace tool." After clicking that, select the Twirl down the "tracing results" and select, "outlines." After selecting that option click expand to finish.

Repeat this until all of your images are vector outlines.

(Make sure that the images fit in a 1in x 2in because to make room for each image on the board.)

Save the file as a ".ai"

Step 2: Time for the Laser Cutter,

When you go to the workshop that has a laser cutter, ask for assistance and see if the .ai file that you have is in a correct format and print it.

Step 3: Creating a Lazy Susan.

Take the Masonite:

1. Make sure that the board you have is a perfect square. Don't assume that it is. Measure each side.

2. find the center of the board by measuring the mid point of the length and width.

3. Once you found the center of the board use the compass and create a circle with a radius of 12.5in. Create another circle with the same origin at a radius of 10.5in. The smaller circle is your guide line to where the "ground," is so your image sequence has the same placement.

4. Divide the circle, evenly in the amount of images that's in your sequence. This line will give you the mid point to where your image should be placed. It's like creating a circular grid for your animation.

5. Underneath the board find the center again.

Figure out the middle of the board for lazy susan.

5. Cut the circle out. I used a band saw.

6.Super glue lazy Susan underneath the circle.

7. super glue sequence on top of the board.

8. take a notecard and cut out a little slit to see through.

After everything is dry

9. Rotate the the circle and peer through the slitted paper.