Introduction: Huge Lens Flashlight Experiment XHP70

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In this instructable I will show you one of my experiments with huge lens and powerful led. I hope you will like it :)

It is the second flashlight that I build, this second flashlight is a throw flashlight that can light the clouds. I tested it at 1,5 miles and the light was bright at this distance. The flashlight is build with powerful xhp 70 cree led powered by led regulator circuit and huge lens.

In the future I will test a monster 500w led and the huge lens that you can see in the last picture

Step 1: Materials

Lens - Optical Glass Plano Convex Condenser Lens

PVC pipe to fit the lens

PC processor cooler


LED driver circuit

On/Off switch

12v Battery


Thermal paste

Step 2: First

Start by cuting the PVC pipe at a distance to fit all the pieces, I cut mine about 40cm long.

Make holes in it for ventilation

Use clear silicone to glue the lens on the pvc pipe fitting.

Add a layer of plastic primer and few layers of paint for design :)

Step 3: Electronics

Make holes in the middle of the cooler plate and tap and die set to make thread.

Add thermal paste and attach the led with screws

Cut a round piece of wood and make a hole in the middle of it.

This piece must hold the led in the middle of pvc pipe.

Put it inside the pipe and secure it with screws.

Make a hole and attach the on/off switch.

I used xhp70 led, led driver and 12 v li-ion battery with BMS

The cooler fan need 12v (no need for voltage converter)

In the pictures you can see many wires and on/off switches because I wanted to use 5 led types to experiment with.

Step 4: Done

I hope this will help you :)

Sorry for my english!

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