Introduction: Huge Motorcycle Flag Pole

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This Flag pole was built from the 3rd person GoPro Mount that I built almost a year ago. You can check out the instructable I made for it here. It's been sitting for most of the time that I had it so I figured I could repurpose it for the 4th of July and use it to hold a 3' x 5' American Flag. The old GoPro mount worked perfectly for this, it held the flag high enough to keep it out of my wheel but it also did not disturb me while I was riding my Motorcycle.

The only thing I did to alter this was drill two large holes in the existing mount to hold the flag with some zip ties (I know, real fancy).

Step 1: Build the Mount

Since I already wrote the Instructable and have the video showing how I made it, I'll just leave links to that here.



Step 2: Test Fitment, Drill Holes and Add Zip Ties

Before I went and drilled holes into the mount, I attached it onto the back of the motorcycle and tested if it even would work on my motorcycle. I hung the flag at the very top and looked to see how close the bottom end got to the wheel and chain. Then once I felt that the flag getting caught in the wheel wouldn't be an issue I drilled the holes and zip tied the flag onto mount before going on some test rides.

The first test drive was just around the block getting up to maybe 30mph; everything felt good while riding and nothing had shifted.

The second test drive was outside the neighborhood and got up to about 50mph; again everything was good, I felt normal while riding and the zip ties were still in good shape.

Since then I have hit speeds of 80mph and not had any issues at all.