Introduction: Huge Resin Candy Heart

How to make a huge reain heart for you ture love .new update i did not know how to get the video from youtube to this and i know how ...enjoy

Step 1: Supply

Candy Heart


Red Sand


Gule Gun

Fish Rocks


Craft Felt

Huge Heart Mold

Step 2: Steps

1. layer of resin and add the candy hearts and wait 24 hours

2. add 2 layer of resin with gittler in the mixer and wait 24 hours

3. add the last layer of resin with red sand in the mixer and make a hook from the wire and put in the resin mixer and wait 24 hours

4. Resin piece out the mold and use your glue gun and add the fish rocks all around and add the craft felt on the back and cut a little hole for the hook to get tought.

5. if the front piece is not clean add a little of resin and wait 24 hours and well be clean not fog on top .

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