Introduction: Hulk Sandwich

Hey buddy.I am from INDIA hope you all well. This time i would like to show some different sandwich .
Sandwich is basically a foreign well-known snack and from the beginning to now we can get a lot of varieties of sandwiches like sweet sandwich fruit sandwich bacon sandwich sandwich and a lot anothers
But i am here to you with a different and special sandwich , hulk sandwich .
This hulk Sandwich is completely most spicy and delicious . You should try this at home .
My own creation. Richness and spicenes of this sandwich can be compared with hulk angry ness
This huge seven layer sandwich has much spices in each of those layers.


For this seven layer huge hulk sandwich you need some ingredients:
~sandwich bread
~100gm butter
~100 gm mozarella cheese
~200 gm chicken
~150 gm tofu
~green sauce
~red sauce
~100 gm cucumber
~100 gm sliced onion
~ crispy potato fries
~ crispy onion fires

Step 1: Salad Layering

Starts your basic life with some healthy foods
A sandwich is more better when it starts with some vegetables
Blew up some butter on the surface of bread slice
And use some cucumber tomato onion slices
And give those a little touch of rock salt and black pepper to make it more tasteful

Step 2: Veggies Layering

In this layer use some low fried bell paper and scrambled egg for more taste of sandwich
Red and green sauced are used for the spiceness and some chesse for delicious taste

Step 3: Crispy Layering

This step is much easy
Blow a little butter on the surface of sliced bread
Use home made green sauce(made of chilli and mint leaf) and red sauce(Tomato sauce) on the surface of bread and keep crispy fr potato and onion fries on it and give red sauce once more on it for more better taste
Use some chesse for better taste

Step 4: Making of Patty

Layering of creamy pattie take two piece of tofu (each contains 50 grams) give it a little touch of salt and black pepper and mix it's surface with bread stumbles and fry it with butter in a non sticky frying pan ..

Step 5: Creamy Layering

This layer is full of heavenly creamy taste .
This layer is covered with butter and red and green sauces
Use two piece of tofu (each contains 50 grm) on this layer decorate with mayonnaise and cheese..

Step 6: Preparation of Chicken Curry

For the new layer you have to make a little dish, chicken curry for make it more delicious and spicy
by using
100 gm chopped chicken
1 tablespoon gingergarlic paste
50 grm chopped onion
1 table spoon chilli powder
1 table spoon coriander powder
1/2 table spoon black pepper and rock salt

Step 7: Chicken Layering

This is the most hot and mouthwatering layer of this hulk sandwich.
Please Use this chicken curry on the surface of bread layer
Decorate it with some mayonnaise and cheese for more taste

Step 8: Egg Layering

In this layer of huge hulk sandwich
Use butter and green sauce on the surface of the bread and use half boiled egg in this and blow a pinch black pepper and rock salt on it..

Step 9: Final Layering

The final layer of the spicy and delicious huge hulk sandwich use much butter and green sauce on it and cover the sandwich with it

Step 10: Final Step and Decoration

Use a egg and mix it with salt and pepper in a bowl and blow on the surface of the sandwich body..
Take a nonsticky frying pan and use a little bit of butter on pan and fry the whole sandwich in low flame until it looks some reddish to make the whole sandwich more tasteful

Guys please like my dish if you like it and comment it and if any query or problem please inform me by comments

Step 11:

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