Introduction: Human Wash

Hello, we are Thibo, Maarten and Amelie. As an assignment for school, we had to invent and create a water themed construction. We made the Human Wash.

The Human Wash extually is a water slide with several constructions. The constructions are placed on different points on the slide, they contain the effects which are elements you can compare with those in a real carwash.

The game consists of 2 teams: one team on the waterslide that undergoes all the effects and an other team that prevents the first team from completing the whole slide, they operate all the effects.

In this instructable, we will explain to you how to make your own Human Wash.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

Required tools:

See image above

Required materials:

1. PVC pipe

3. Yellow PVC pipe (you can use pipes which are already bent, farmers use these in greenhouses)

2. Flexible PVC pipe

4. Plastic foil

5. Pads

6. A stand (for example for painting)

7. Zip ties

8. LED strips

9. Curtains / tablecloth / ...

10. Smoke generator

Step 2: Make the Slide

First we're making the slide, for this step you will need the plastic soil. The slide is abour 30m long, if you don't have plastic soil that long, cut 2 pieces with a cutter and just overlap one piece with another. Make sure that, in such cace, the first piece is ABOVE the second. Otherwise you will just slide underneath the second piece.
The slide is is 3m wide, cut a couple pieces of plastic soil so you create a thick and softer bottom.

In the image you see two trails instead of one. By placing pads in the middle and on the edges, the teams will stay on the slide an won't interfere each other.

Step 3: Making the Tunnel

Next we have a 12m long tunnel. The construction for this consists of 2x6 stands which you can easily hire (think of the stands used for painting). Place 2 of these on every trail, 2m away from the next pair.

If hiring the stands would be too expensive, you can always use the yellow PVC pipes instead. The only disadvantage is that there will be 2 seperate tunnels instead of one.

To make it an actual tunnel, we again use the plastic foil. Cut two parts for the sides and one for the top with a cutter. Attach all the parts on the stand with zip ties. Cut the ends of the zip ties and cover them with a piece of duct tape.

Step 4: Placing Smoke Generator

You can get a second handed smoke generator for little money. Place it about 6m of the beginning of the tunnel.

To protect the smoke generator against rain or water in general, you can build a protective case. The case is made out of 10mm plywood. Cut all the pieces with an edge at a 45 degree angle, so you create a miter joint. Glue everything together next. You can choose the button yourself, it just has to be a big one, so that you can easily push it.

Step 5: Effects

For the effects which aren’t in the tunnel, we also use the stands. One of the effects is the dry segment.

These are several strokes of a curtain/tablecloth/etc. which you have to cut the same size with a pair of scissors. Next attach the strokes to a piece of PVC pipe which you cut slightly wider than the width of the stand. Take about 30 cm wider at each side of the stand. After that, drill 2 holes near the ends, through the whole pipe. Than cut 2 pieces of PVC pipe with the diameter of the holes and press them through the holes. This way you create two handles. Now you can attach the assembly in the stand.

Step 6: Water Arch

At the beginning and the end of the tunnel. There is a water

bow which is made out of flexible PVC pipe. Pitch small holes in the pipe, so you create narrow jets of water. Attach the bow to the stand with zip ties. Attach one end of the pipe to a pump and fold the other end to create a stop. To hold the stop, keep the folded pieces together with zip ties.

Step 7: Placing LEDs

As a finish, place LED strips in the tunnel and the other

stands. Cut the strips with a pair of scissors at the right length and attach them in the stands, again with zip ties.

Step 8: Result

Now you have your own human wash, the excellent additive to your garden parties!