Introduction: Humming Bird Feeder Ant Moat

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Ants love sugar and if you've ever had them get into your humming bird feeder then you will love this instructable! Here you will learn how to recycle a plastic bottle into a moat that will keep ants out of hanging items.


-scissors or wire cutters


-large plastic bottle (a 2-liter soda bottle works well)

-silicone for outdoor uses

-picture hanging wire

Step 1: Cut Bottle and Drill Holes

1. Cut the bottom off the bottle about 4 inches up. It's better to leave it longer and trim at the end if you need.

2. Drill 3 holes in the bottom of the bottle, roughly evenly spaced as shown in the picture

Step 2: Cut Wire and Thread It Through Bottle

1. Stretch a length of wire next to the cut bottle to see how long you might want it. With the center point of the wire at the bottom of the bottle, the wire should extend just past the top.

2. Fold the wire over twice to create 3 strands of wire and cut it (only cut once, you want to have a loop at either end of the 3 strand bundle)

3. Feed the wire through the holes in the bottle to end up with 1 strand through each hole, all of even lengths.

4. Twist the loops on either end of the wires to create a secure loop that is large enough to connect to whatever you're hanging.

Step 3: Wrap the Final Wire and Seal the Holes

1. Twist the loose wire on either end around the loop created in the last step.

2. Use the silicone to seal up the holes in the plastic bottle around the wires. Be sure that the plastic bottle is not more than half way down the wires or it will be tipsy when hung up.

3. Optionally add a little silicone at the points you wrapped the wire loops to secure the wires.

4. Let it dry, and you're done.

When you fill your moat with water, don't fill it to the very top. If it's too full then the water will spill when humming birds land on the feeder below.