Introduction: Humming Bird Feeders With Class

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Be the talk of the bird town with a classy humming bird feeder

Step 1: Step. 1 : Find or Buy and Old Chandelier

I usually find one for around ten dollars

take off the shades and wires

Step 2: Step 2: Paint It

you can leave it as is or spray paint if you like

the birds do not care

Step 3: Step 3: Get Some Old Soda Cans

I like using the small ones as the food can go bad after 3 or 4 days anyway

plus I like the look of the small ones, altho I have used regular, and tall sizes.

again, the birds do not care

if you use a can, poke a hole in the side. I have used a nail and a drill, both work.

I tried adding perch but the birds didn't use it.

I added little flowers and painted the cans, but worked fine without

if you want to add feeders, the one flower ones work best

Step 4: Step 4: Hang the Cans or Feeders

I used S hooks or a little piece of wire. I used the can flip top and tilted it straight up.

I also tried drilling a hole but either works.

Step 5: Step 5: Make Some Food

I used 4 cups of warm water to 1 cup of sugar stir till dissolved.

keep any extra in the fridge.

I bring in all my cans or feeders and fill them in the sink.

A sauce pan makes it easy to carry then all in and out again.

Step 6: Step 6: Hang the Feeder So You Can Watch the Birds

sat back and enjoy all the humming birds that will fight over a chance to drink from you upscale feeder that didn't break the bank

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