Introduction: Hybrid Solar Cooker

If you have ever wanted to save energy but still needed an oven and have a few house hold products, you can build a solar oven. I wanted to build a simple device just about anybody could build to warm broth,tea,melt cheese, or anything across those lines. In just under 10 steps you can have yourself a hybrid solar cooker.

Step 1: Supplies

You're going to need foil or reflective tape,cardboard or styrofoam boxes,duct tape, a piece of glass or plastic,paper, black paint or black paper, a thermal brick, and a cutting knife. 

Step 2: Start Building

You first need to tape your reflective tape into the styrofoam box very neatly. If the reflective sheet is not completely straight and smooth it will not reflect to full capacity. If your sheets do not tape to the box you can use silver tape when needed.

Step 3: Line Your Box

Fine black paint or paper and cover the inside of your largest box on where the box will be exposed to the sun. Again if using paper you may use silver or black tape.

Step 4: Stuff and Place

Add the stryofoam box with the reflecting sheets into the biggest box with the black lining. Then take news paper, or other insulators, in the space between the two boxes.

Step 5: Use of a Thermal Brick

To create further absorption of heat, a heating brick is an easy and cheap solution. All you have to do is place the brick inside the styrofoam box with the reflective lining. I recommend covering the brick in black, rubbing charcoal or other black substances works just fine.

Step 6: Glass

After you have your black covered thermal brick inside your styrofoam box, that is inside the biggest box stuffed with newspaper, you need to place a sheet of glass over it. The glass will act as a magnifier that will change the light energy into heat, and keep the heat sealed inside the box.

Step 7: Build a Reflector

When building a reflector you need to be sure to find a material light enough to not weigh down your cooker, but not be light enough where it blows away with the wind. I choose to use a light cardboard material a size compatible with my largest box. To find and cut the proper size you will need a box cuter and ruler.

Step 8: Finish Your Reflector

For your reflector to be most effective you need to use a reflective covering or aluminum if you're on a budget. Make the sheet as smooth as possible and leave extra on the sides of the board so that you can tape down with any tape.You will need your board from before, your reflective covering, your scissors, and your tape.

Step 9: Putting Together Your Project

Find a secure was to attach or place your reflector by your cooker. You can either duct tape it to one side of your cooker or get rods attached to the back of the reflector and lean it against the cooker.  

Step 10: Finishing Up

Now since your solar cooker is put together you can make tea or broth. I decided to make myself green tea, and with the Bay Areas windy weather it took about an hour to hit over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.