Introduction: Hydro Dip Custom Xbox One Controller

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This instructable covers a fairly new painting Technic called hydro dip or hydro transfer. With a little h2o anybody could transfer any design/picture to almost any submersible object . And I'm going to show you how. Have fun and enjoy .


1. H2o (water)
2. Container (dipping tank)
3. Hydro dip transfer film ( Amazon or Ebay)
4. Hydro dipping activator (Amazon or Ebay)
5. masking tape
6. Razor knife
7. Small Philips screw driver
8. Flat spray paint (black)
9. Clear spray paint
10. Latex gloves
11. Resporator (gas mask)
12. Popsicle sticks
13. Paper towers
14. Scratch pad or sandpaper
15. Dish soap
16. Xbox controller

Step 1:

Step 2: Disassembly

First we start the tare down prosses by locating the 2 panels on the underside of the controller. One on either side of the batteries cover. Just wedge a credit card or your finger nail in the crevice and pop the panels off . Which will expose the screws we need to remove should be 5 total one in each corner and one we need to push a hole through the middle of the battery access sticker . Be sure to secure the screws in a safe place. We will need them later.

Step 3: Clean & Paint Prep

In this step we need to wash the parts free of dirt and greace . Dawn dish soap works good for this . Add soap and a little water to a scratch pad or wet sand paper and scrub all parts that are going to be painted. Rinse free of any soap and dry the parts. The surface should appear dull looking or little to no shine. Next we need to mask off any parts we don't want painted and attach popsicle sticks for handles.

Step 4: Paint & Dip

After a few light coats of paint . We can fill the dip tank with water . Next tape a border around the film . Then carefully lay the film shiny side down on the top of the water let it sit and absorb the water . Let it sit about a minute .Wrinkle are ok but if you get air bubbles blow onto the edges of the film. Now we apply activator in on good coat . This would be a good time to use that resporator. Now there's only about a 20 second window we have to dip. Or the film will expand to far and the pattern will be distorted. Lower the controller slowly into the water until completely submerged then sweep excess film and tape from the surface assuring not to pass back through the material that will also distort the pattern. Once your cleared the surface place the parts we dipped right side up and rinse them lightly with clean water . Then allow to dry for about a hour or until dry.

Step 5: Top Coat & Reassembly

Once dry we must protect our transfer . Apply clear coat 2 to 3 coats . Allow to dry several hours . Over night would be best . After the clear is completely cured we can reassemble the controller . Just follow the instructions from step one but in reverse. Hope you enjoyed this instructable. Thanks

Step 6: Dipping

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