Introduction: I-Beam Level Pool Noodle Protector

I made this protector from a Lowe's pool noodle.

It was a very dense pool noodle and it will keep my I-Beam Level from getting nicked up in my garage. The pool noodle fit is very tight, it will not easily fall off the level.

It's a simple idea that provides a lot of bump protection for my level and it saves a lot of money over commercial cases.


A pool noodle in your favorite color. Can be found in a dollar store, or in a Lowes or Home Depot.

You will also need a sharp pocket knife or a box cutter.

Step 1: Cutting Up the Pool Noodle

Using a sharp knife, cut a pool noodle to match length of I-Beam Level. You will need two sections of pool noodle to protect an I-Beam level.

Then slice along the length of the pool noodle to open it up. Then slice along the length again to remove a section about 1/2 inch wide. Removing this section makes it easier to insert the level into the protective noodle case. Repeat for the second pool noodle.

You can use a marker to layout your cut lines, but I cut my pool noodle free hand.