Introduction: I Made My Quad Copter

I made my quad copter only for curiosity, can I do it? will it can fly? Many years ago I played with RC planes and helicopters, I knew it can fly but not a easy game, crashing a lot, rebuild and retry and retry. Today I hold my RC transmitter, all my memories returned once, I seem met a friend long time no see.

How to motivate myself to diy a quad copter? I could buy one; of course from the browser of my computer, but I found those are complicated, can I make it simple and clean? In this instructable, I just taught how I made it, there is no rules, no instructions, no ingredients, just using what I have found on hand,of course something I cannot made it, I bought it.

Step 1: Design Plan

Refer to the plan there are a lot of details to build this quad copter, firstly the frame make of thin ply board, about 400mm long and 5mm thick in X configuration, 4 brushless motors with 8 x 4.5 props on each tip, the motor mount on a plastic bracket that comes with the motor, one slot in the bracket is also 5mm width which perfectly matched with the ply board.

The motor wires were hard soldered to the ESC as shown in the plan with the props turn direction, 4 props two are propellers (positive) and two are pusher (negative), those are the terms from RC planes. There are also the top board mount the electronic and bottom board hold the battery, which also fixing the frame members, 4 pieces of cushion pad cut and stick under the bracket for damping, I also mount a voltage monitor board on the rear side, this was taken from an old RC transmitter and very good to use, when only three LED lit, I need to land it.

Step 2: Electronic Board

The flight controller board I used is KK2.1.5 which has a lot of articles in the internel pages, including some configuration steps to be followed, the battery set used is diy one, I use 3 x 18650 taken from old computer battery case, just like many articles in the internet had taught about how to diy it, but old batteries are not new to use, sometime the voltage is normal but actually no current at all, need to match good and bad batteries.

The below are PI configuration set in the KK board:

Roll/Pitch: PG:30 PL:100, IG:0, IL:20

Yaw: PG:50, PL:20, IG:0, IL:20

Self level: PG:70, PL:20, IG:0, IL:0

Step 3: About Flying

The flying of quad copter is more likely with helicopter, but not like with fixed wing planes, because fixed wings always pull forward, you cannot stop it, quad copter can be pull back, however the throttle of fixed wings has less influence, if accidentally turn down it will not drop the plane as soon, but quad copter certainly will, be aware.