Introduction: I Phone Stablecam

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I have wanted a steadicam but some of them get to prices of $500. So being a maker I thought I should make one.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-1/5 cm thin sheet metal
-golf ball
-handle (almost anything would work but I used a paintball gun grip)
-2 bolts ~2" tall and a 1/4 wide
-3 nuts for one of the bolts above
-a piece of srcap metal or some sort of weight
-Aluminum tape (optional)
-jigsaw with a metal cutting blade
-2 pliers
-hotglue or epoxy
-welder but if you don't have one duct tape would work

Step 2:

Drill a hole in the golf ball a little smaller than the bolt, then screw one of the bolts in. Use glue to secure the handle on the bolt with a little bit of room before it touches the ball.

Step 3: Glove for the Ball

Before you cut it out of metal, cut out a plus on paper when the arms are 4inches long and 2cm wide. If you use a different ball make the arms longer for a bigger ball and the opposite for smaller. Trace the paper onto metal and cut it out then drill a hole a little bigger than the bolt in the center, finally you bend the metal around the ball.

Step 4:

Take the last bolt and use a dremel or file to file the and that the screw driver goes into. Push the bolt through the hole.

Step 5:

Cut a strip of paper and wrap it in aluminum tape. Then poke it onto the bolt coming out of the ball "glove".

Step 6:

Arrange the tape so the handle will not hit it in any position, trace that on paper.

Step 7:

Cut out a slice of metal 21inches long and 2cm wide then de-bur it with a dremel or file, when it is de-burred drill a hole the same size as in the "glove" in one end. Then bend it on the paper lines.

Step 8: Phone Holder

To secure your phone to the stablealizer you can glue a case to the bolt or use my overly complecated method. Cut the holder out of paper and then trace onto metal. It sould be 1cm wide 10 1/4 inch long about 4 1/4 inch down a lump 1 1/2 inch long and 1/2 wide from the end of that 1 1/2 inches later a 1cm wide and 8 1/2 long branch coming out the same side as the lump. To bens it look at the photos, you may need to trim the branch when done, it is ok. When done bending it use a bit the size of the "glove" hole and drill into the unbent branch and bend it back, then drill through the hole into the lump at the bottom. To mount it slide the lump onto the bolt, put to nuts on, slide the branch on, and put a nut on.

Step 9:

Experiment with duct taping a weight on the limb while your phone is on it so it stands up right, then bed the metal ariund it or cut it, then wrap it in tape, glue it, or weld it.

Step 10: Use!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS SHOW ME PICTURES IF YOU MAKE ONE, and if you come up with mods, tell me.

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