Introduction: I Looked at a Beer Koozie and Saw an Oprotunity to Make a Handgun Koozie.........I Know, I Am Strange .

Ultimately when I was making my peanut butter container leg drop I saw the beer koosie sitting on the counter and was worried about scratching my cherry table up with my handgun while fitting holsters. So I was thinking of a way to pad my firearm while I was not working/shaping a holster with it. Boom, Gun koozie was born lol 

Simply make two padded sides the same shape and size and then sew the two sides together to make your pocket......once your firearm is inserted, mark your spaces and sew more to tighten and fit the koozie to your specific hand gun......

I was kinda in a rush as this was a secondary on the fly project for me so honestly I sewed the two sides backwards so my stitching shows........try not to rush lol. All materials used were cut from old Army BDU pants and or foam from a broke down old computer bag......this cost me nothing. I will get beter as I make more of these in many colors and sizes. Please if you have questions Message me.