Introduction: IBD : the Cure for Crohns and Ulcerative Colitis


Intestinal disorders are becoming more common in our society and it isn’t because people are becoming more prone, but that more industries have more to gain by contaminating the food chain to an extreme degree and then the medical industry capitalizing on the aftermath. Capitalism is at the root of the misconduct, brainwashing, and even pharmaceutical company’s marketing. There is a lot to cover within these areas, but the most important thing you need to know is that American doctors are greedy and consider chronic disease a steady paycheck. Also, big pharma looks at these markets and is in love. Your doctor does not care about you. I don’t care what they tell you, but a majority of modern western medicine is based on pushing drug prescriptions that do more harm than any good. IBD is a man-made disease. I repeat. This is man-made. Now, that is all said, so if you are suffering, I will get to what you want to know.

Intestinal irritation and bleeding, which causes diarrhea and discomfort. These symptoms can come suddenly, or they can manifest after some bleeding, which leads to more complications. The bleeding is a sign of the intestinal irritation, so if that starts first, you are in luck. Others starts with the intestinal stabbing pain, but whatever malady strikes, you have the power with very little money to correct the issues. Doctors will prescribe drugs that will send your immune system into a spiral, so that eventually, they can offer to remove your colon. I know of so many victims of this scam, that it is sad that I have taken this long to write the only treatment you need. I just wanted to make sure that my treatment was 100 percent effective.

Step 1: Vitamin Enriched Green Drink Primer

You have to treat your intestine like the inside of a car engine. For an effective system, you need to prime and oil your engine. For your intestines, they need to be primed with a green drink. You can use any blender and make a green drink every morning to prime your system. In general, this is good health anyway, but it is very important in keeping your digestive system purring. I do spinach/arugula, strawberries, blue berries, carrots, apple, and whatever fruit I have. I usually put fruit in the freezer already prepared. This will help you get on the right track. You want the fiber, because your mission is solid stools. Juicing is cute, but not what you want.

Step 2: Irritant Removal

It doesn’t matter if you are diagnosed with Crohns or IBD, but you have to remove all dairy and gluten based foods. This is very important. They are irritants for a couple of reasons, but your intestines need a break from them. If you get your intestines right, you will be able to eat these again, but you might not want to, because they aren’t the best for you for many reasons and may lead to future discomfort.

Step 3: Slippery Elm Bark Medicinal Uber Primer

For the bleeding and irregularity, you will need slippery elm bark powder. You will take this before your green drink and dissolve about 2 teaspoons into some water. I accidentally put it in string form, but I just process it in my lil mill. Take this every morning. It has medicinal properties that will help you.

Step 4: Mary Jane Don’t Refrain

Depending on your spasms or how far you have gone down the rabbit hole, you might need one more thing.  This is the medicine that big pharma has been lobbying against since the end of time, because it basically replaces 90 percent of all their snake oil.  You will need to get some mary jane.  It will calm your nervous system in times of extreme pain and discomfort.  You won’t need it forever, but don’t be scared to self-medicate.  It will help you sleep when the urges start up at night.  This is very important.

Step 5: The Home Stretch

Becoming regular, as in, only going once a day, takes some will power. This is what you should be doing normally, but if your intestines have gotten so bad, that you are continuously having urges, you need to focus on controlling them. In time, you will slowly go from 20 times to 3 times to only 1 time a day. Again, this depends on how far gone you are without the proper guidance. All the previous steps will naturally get you there, but you still have to do your part mentally, because your body has remember who is in control. It needs to relearn that you are the master.

Step 6: Closing Time

My treatment has cured those in early states of the disorder and in the extreme. I was in the extreme state for almost 2 years. I know similar people who are convinced cutting out their colon is the answer, but unnatural man-made operations have unnatural complications. If you don’t treat the root, you will always have the disorder. This is a huge market for big pharma and the medical world. Doctors are just like any other capitalists. They have no intention of healing anyone. I’m not talking about trauma doctors, but a majority are taught to teach fear. You wouldn’t believe the power of suggestion, and how a doctor told me I would die before my next birthday. I almost died multiple times after that. That was barely a glimpse of the horrible things that doctors told me. It was amazing how much fear they tried to instill in me. Other doctors tried so many tactics to put me on treatments that destroyed my immune system. Sadly, I was victimized. Luckily, for you, and anyone else, I’m strong, so I was able to pull my head out of their traps, and figure out how to fix this without their lies. Good luck and I hope that this will help you. If you need any help, just let me know. Do not believe any doctor who doesn’t believe that you can heal yourself with proper diet and nutrition. They are not your friend.

Other tips: Stress needs to be avoided at all costs. Stay away from soda, caffeine, and alcohol. The sooner you begin the treatment the better. Most likely, you are beside yourself with grief, so you have come to the internet for help. If you need any help, feel free to contact me. Liquid iron might also be a good idea. Also, you might want to grind calcium tablets in a mortar and put them into your green drinks. I used water kefir in my green drinks. Probiotics that cost nothing.