IKEA Hack Hutten




Introduction: IKEA Hack Hutten

Those guys from IKEA find solutions for every household to store more in a smaller space, great job you guys!

But they haven't thoroughly thought about the design of the Hutten Wine rack (for 9 bottles). When I saw them in the shop I immediatly bought 2 of them, hoping they would fit into my beloved Expedit cabinet, so I could store wine bottles nice and snug. But when I came home, they actually didn't fit, and I was wondering why the guys from IKEA hadn't thought of it.

The original Hutten Wine rack is too high (34 cm) to fit into the IKEA Expedit cabinet (33 cm), so if you just cut about 1 cm off the bottom you'll be able to put it into your Expedit with no effort and still be able to store 9 bottles.

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