Introduction: IKEA Hack Hyllis Rack to Magnet Board

If you travel a lot and find yourself collecting way too many fridge magnets, one day, your fridge door isn't big enough anymore. I went looking for a large magnetic board, but found those too expensive. And then, as I was shopping at IKEA, I found the Hyllis zinc plated metal storage rack for only 14,95 EUR per piece.

As a maker, I like to hack things and had the idea to transform this storage rack into a magnetic board.

For safety, please wear personal protection like gloves and while grinding, wear eye protection.


To finish this project, you will need the following tools : a cordless drill; a grinder with 125x1 mm metal cutting disc; self drilling pan head screws for metal 4,2x19mm (16 pcs) and the corrsponding TORX bit driver.

Step 1: Unpack

Start to unpack the Hyllis storage rack. Take care, as some edges may be quite sharp. Once unpacked, place two corners studs parallel to each other on your workbench.

Then, lay one shelf between the two corner metal studs. Leave about 3 mm tolerance from the top, as we will use the plastic corners to protect ourselves from the sharp edges.

Step 2: Assemble With Screws

Use the self drilling screws to fix the shelves to the corners. Repeat this for the first three shelves.

Before assembling the fourth shelf, mark the end of the shelf +3mm.

Use the grinder to cut the two corner studs to size.

Now you can install the fourth shelf. Finish by placing the plastic corner covers.

Step 3: Mount to Wall and Place Your Magnets on the Board

Mount your magnet board to the wall and place your magnets on the board.

I installed 3 magnet boards.

Enjoy !