Introduction: IOT123 - D1M 18650 BLOCK - Assembly

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This is a fairly specialized piece and is seen as a starting point for more flexible designs. It breaks out the 18650 +3.7V (to 5V on D1M BLOCK) and GND (to GND). The 5V pin on the Wemos D1 Mini is connected to a regulator that drops the voltage to 3V3 for that pin on the D1 Mini. This design also supplies brackets for mounting the power supply on a bike helmet. As with all the D1M BLOCK's, the pins and offsets are built for easy stacking of multi-block circuits.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

    • The Wemos D1 Mini Protoboard shield, short pin male headers long pin female headers
    • 3D printed Housing and Brackets
    • SPDT PCB switch
    • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
    • Strong Cyanoachrylate Adhesive (preferably brush on)
    • 200mm x 4.5mm cable ties
    • Self-tapping button head screws ~5mm diameter by 15mm
    • 3D Printer or 3D Printer Service
    • Soldering Iron and solder
    • Hookup wire
    • Basic electronics tools

    Step 2: Assembling the Circuit

    Using the Protoboard, wires from battery holder and SPDT switch:
    1. Place SPDT on top as shown.
    2. Solder Pins off on bottom
    3. Cut excess off 2 outside pins.
    4. Insert Red and Black wires from top into through-holes.
    5. Solder wires of on bottom.
    6. Bend center pin on SPDT to Red wire and solder.

    Using assembled PCB, short pin male headers long pin female headers:

    1. Insert short side male pins from bottom as shown.
    2. Solder off on top.
    3. Insert female headers into male headers on bottom
    4. Using Cyanoachrylate, glue headers together when flush

    Step 3: Assembling the Housing

    1. Insert PCB into housing, keeping pins centered.
    2. Hot glue PCB and wires to Housing
    3. Insert battery holder into Housing
    4. Straighten pins (if needed) and trim off flush with housing.

    Step 4: Connecting to Bike Helmet

    1. Fasten wedges to Helmet with cable ties
    2. Fasten Housing to wedges with self-tapping screws
    3. Insert D1M WIFI BLOCK

    Step 5: Next Steps

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