Introduction: IPad MacBook Pro Case

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So this is my attempt at building a case for my iPad Pro using a MacBook Pro. I decided to do this as with the release of iPad OS Apple has finally managed to enable mouse support on the iPad

The early versions of the Intel MacBook Pro had a USB controller for the keyboard and mouse located under the trackpad. So you could turn them into a keyboard and mouse for a normal PC by connecting a USB lead. This made it an ideal candidate for the project that I’m going to do

I have to say for me this is the best keyboard that Apple made, much better than the current one on the MacBook that keeps breaking

Step 1: Parts

MacBook Pro A1150

USB C to USB A connector

Magnetic iPad case

iPad Pro

USB lead

Step 2: Take It Apart

First off is to take all the parts out of the case. It’s a simple as removing all the screws and pulling everything out of the case so it’s empty

If you need detailed instructions about taking it apart over to iFixit to check out there marvellous instructions about taking the MacBook apart.

Step 3: The MacBook Keyboard Conversion

The MacBook Pro Has a USB controller on the underside of the touchpad. You need to connect the red which is the power wire black ground wire the green wire and the white wire which the data wires to the pads on the bottom of the trackpad.

Check out the pictures that go with this step see where you need to solder the wires

This will enable you to use the keyboard and mouse on any computer and in this case you can plug-in to the iPad. This one to this will enable you to use the keyboard and any computer and in this case can plug-in to be at the iPad

Once it has been soldered onto the board and tested it it works I used a large amount of hot glue to secure everything in place and also insulated the connection

Step 4: Putting It Together

Now the keyboard has been all sorted and working

It all needs Putting together.

I have used black felt on the lid to cover the the back area then I glued the magnetic case. The iPad will then obviously magnetically attached to the back of the case

Next up is to threaded USB cable from the keyboard through the hinge where the display cable used to go. Do this I cut the cable and then re-soldered it back together when I pushed everything through covered it up with some heat shrink

and that should be it done. All that needs doing now is to turn on mouse support inside the accessibility settings of the iPad.

Step 5: Conclusion

so I’m quite pleased how this project turned out. It’s nice to the iPad in a laptop form factor keyboard section works really well I will need to quickly switch between apps.The mouse support isn’t as good as it’s slower than using the touch interface that you normally used using on the iPadOS

I don’t know how much all use the iPad in the case can see me using the keyboard section but not the mouse. I can see a lot of people going for this thinking it will replace that laptop when in fact the iPad would already replace your laptop that this case

what would be nice is to get a 12 inch PowerBook and turn that into an iPad case as the iPad would fit in there very nicely