Introduction: IPhone 5 & Samsung S5 Outlet Shelf & Passive Amplifier

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This instructable is going to show the design process for a 3D printable outlet shelf & passive amplifier for both iPhone 5 & Samsung S5. The files will be available for mounting with a standard UK double outlet and a blank layout for a standard US double outlet. I'm sorry to our friends in the rest of the World but there are too many variants and as I read it some specifications i.e. Europlug standard only specifies the plug type but no standard socket type but don't despair, just measure up your own wall socket and modify my design...

Step 1: Find the Most Popular Models of IPhone and Android in Use Today

I am an avid supporter of Android, to the point that I have NEVER owned a single Apple device, I use an S5 as my personal phone and my job provides an S6 for business use. However, I know there are many of you out there that love that little piece of fruit so I will also include iPhone.

I started with a simple Google search to find what are the most popular models of iPhone and Android on the market today as I figured this will cater for the largest audience. You can easily modify the design for other phones as required.

This site gives a pretty good breakdown of the market share of both iPhone and Android phones. It is not cut and dry but as a generalization it seems iPhone 5 and Samsung S5 repeatedly show as the top iPhone and Androids in each region.

Step 2: Find the Dimensions of Each Handset & Outlet

I needed to establish all of the vital dimensions of each handset in order to make the device stand firmly upright and still mange to squeeze into the allowed space.

For the iPhone I found a case design guide on the Apple site, this covers all of the current iPhones (file attached) the iPhone 5 is on page 27.

The S5 was a little harder so I had to accept the general specs from the Galaxy S5 page on the Samsung site here and also use my own S5 as a guide.

UK outlet socket dimensions on page 3 of attached file

US outlet dimensions here

Using Fusion 360 I created a standard backplate for each if the UK and US standard double outlets.

Step 3: Create the Phone Slot, Charger Port and Passive Amplifier

I created the series of images while making the design for the iPhone.

I first extruded a slot to match the profile of the phone with 0.5mm additional tolerance.

I then took a measurements from the charger and extruded a slot to allow the charger to enter the block from the bottom.

From the design document I extruded a cavity to route sound from the speakers forward. I then extruded an amplifier using the taper setting @ 18 degrees.

I finished off by filleting all of the corners to remove the sharp edges.

I have included the .stl files for the iPhone and S5 on the UK wallplate and a blank for the US, I didn't want to take this one too far as I am not 100% that the mounting of the plate itself is correct, perhaps one of our American friends could confirm and I will look at completing the stl files for the US as well.

Unfortunately I have no access to a 3D printer to make a physical version of these so if someone turns one out can you please post some pictures. I will look into using a 3D printing service and if I get something sorted I will post here.

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