IR Remote Analyzer / Receiver With Arduino

Introduction: IR Remote Analyzer / Receiver With Arduino

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This analyzer receives 40 different IR protocols concurrently and shows the address and code of the received signal.

It uses the Arduino IRMP library, which includes this application as an example as well as other usefull applications!

If you want to analyze your remote or want to control your Arduino application with a spare remote, you need to know the code sent for each key.

A serial or paralell LCD can be attached to operate this as a standalone device without the need of a Serial Monitor.

A similar but more basic instruction can be found at

Step 1: BOM

  • Arduino Nano or UNO
  • Infrared receiver


  • Serial 1604 LCD
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper wires

Step 2: Software Installation

After installing the IDE and choosing the right board, open the Library Manager with Ctrl+Shift+I and search for IRMP. Install it and then choose File -> Examples -> Examples from Custom Libraries -> AllProtocols.

Enable the type of LCD you have at line 43 ff. All outputs can be seen also at the Arduino Serial Monitor, so there is no need to attach a LCD for analyzing!

Step 3: Analyzing / Receiving

Run the program and if an IR signal is detected, the built in LED will flash.

If the signal can be decoded the result is printed to Serial output (and the LCD). The trailing R means that this command is a repeat command.

If you need to analyze one of the 10 disabled protocols use the OneProtocol example.

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Question 1 year ago on Introduction

How can i use IRMP in Digispark since it does not have support for serial monitor? i tried to output as a keyboard to no success...


Reply 1 year ago

Hi, thanks for the reply. I'll explain my problem in more detail over on github.