Introduction: IR Remote Extender (Part-2)

Hello guys!

I am back with the Part-2 of IR Remote Extender Instructable. For guys who haven't read the first part CLICK HERE.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Fabricated Boards

For all my prototype boards I prefer LionCircuits as they provide the best quality boards for a cheaper price.

The above images are of my fabricated board both top and bottom side.

Step 2: Soldering the Components

I got my components locally and soldered them on to my board. The image above shows the final soldered board.


Before powering the circuit, remove IR LEDs. With no input red LED should be off. Now press a button on the remote control, the red led should flicker. If that’s the case then your circuit should be working ok. Install the IR LEDs. During testing, IR signal emitted from remote and IR signal emitted from the circuit are interfering each other and that makes receiving device not to react on receiving the signal. This happens when IR from remote and IR from the circuit’s LEDs are on the same room. To solve that we must isolate the IR beam of remote control. To do this, YOU CAN USE a thin pipe in front of an infrared sensor, so that the beam emitted from the remote hits the sensor directly. Another solution to this would be to put the emitting LEDs on a different room.