Introduction: IR Remote Tester

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Infrared remote sensor is a basic electronic component nearly used in all types of appliances whether it is a domestic or a professional device. These sensors work on the principle of light emitting or detecting infrared radiations. When a signal is passed from the electronic device, the sensors will detect the radiation in its limited area of network and makes the device to be turned on or off.


Infrared sensors are used extensively in various applications because of its wide range of applications. Infrared signals detect the light emitted from the source signal to be detected and works on the principle of radiation. The detect the objects around them by switching the signal from the device, they can also measure heat and can works as a motion detector. This is the basic principle of IR sensors, let’s make it understand practically.


Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Step 2: Insert the BC 557 Transistor on the Bread Board

Step 3: Insert the TSOP 1736 Sensor on the Bread Board

Step 4: Connect the Emitter of Transistor to the Positive Rail of the Bread Board and Connect the Ground of TSOP 1738 to Ground.

Step 5: Connect the LED on Bread Board Then It Will Look Like This

Step 6: Connect the Collector of the Transistor to the Anode of the LED

Step 7: Connect the Base of the Transistor to the Output of TSOP 1738 With 120k Resistor

Step 8: Connect the 330 Ohm Resistor From the Vcc of TSOP 1738

Step 9: Connect the Diode to the Positive Rail of the Diode to 330k Ohm Resistor

Step 10: Connect the Anode of LED to Negative Rail of the Bread Board and Connect 9v Battery 9v Battery Clip

Step 11: Connect Positive Terminal Positive Rail of the Bread Board and Negative to Negative Rail of Bread Board.

Step 12: Our Circuit Is Ready to Control, As Soon As We Pressed the Button Og the Remote the IR Sensor Detects and LED Blinks

and we press the button again the Led stops glowing as shows

So this is the basic principle of IR sensor functioning and operation.

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