Introduction: ISD1820 Arduino Library Explained

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In this tutorial I will explain how to use the ISD1820 library written by me.
To see the connections or to understand how the module works, I suggest you watch the video. P.S. sorry for my bad English

Step 1: Download Library

Download the library and insert it in the appropriate folder (for windows users the folder is usually found in Documents >> Arduino >> libraries)

Step 2: Library Explanation

Open the Arduino IDE and to make sure everything is working, open the program in the examples called "ISD1820Serial".

The program is very simple, you can, through the insertion of characters in the serial monitor, controls the operation of the module. To use the functions of the library first we must create an instance of class ISD1820 called with any name (in the program example is called module) and in the parameters you must specify the pins connected to the module REC , PLAY_E , PLAY_L.

The library has 3 functions: 'record' where a sound is recorded for a certain time (defined in the parameter Es. module.record(3000); the module records the sound for 3 seconds), then there is the 'playSignal' function where the previously recorded sound is played back entirely, and finally there is the 'playSignal_L' function that reproduces the sound only in part for a certain time. This is the short and simple library written to control the ISD1820 module.

Thank you for reading