Introduction: Ultrasonic Smile

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This is a simple and funny project that everyone can make without problems <3.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english !!!

Step 1: What Do You Need ?!

What do you need ?

(1) Arduino (I use an Arduino UNO)

(1) Led Matrix with Max7219cng


(1) Hc-sr04 (Ultrasonic sensor)

And..... a lot of wires :)

Step 2: Connections

Look at the photo.

Led Matrix -------> Arduino :

Vcc ------>5V

Gnd ------>Gnd

Din ------>d12

Cs ------>d11

Clk ------>d10

Hc-SR04 --------> Arduino :

Vcc ------>3V

Gnd ------>Gnd

Echo ------>d8

Trig ------->d7

Step 3: The Code

Run the code on your Arduino and check if it run.

WARNING : download LedControl.h in :

Arduino Ide ------> Sketch ------> Include Library --------> Manage Libraries ------> LedControl.h .