Introduction: IT Pennywise Paper Mache Wall Decor

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This tutorial will show you an alternative way to sculpting bigger pieces without spending too much as air dry clay and paper mache paste is much cheaper compared to polymer or 2 part epoxy clay. In addition, you will still be able to get enough details to make it as realistic as possible however it does take much more work compared to the mentioned clay mediums. Over all, I was really happy with the result with Pennywise looking very creepy but with so much depth with the different papers and mediums used to create it. I hope this inspires you to make your own monster decors.



Paper mache paste (Poly lightweight paste)

Air dry clay (Das)

Handmade mulberry paper (thin)

Tissue paper

Wood glue

Industrial strength glue (E-6000)

Acrylic paints


Moulding paste


Foam board

Sculpting tools, paint brushes, box knife cutter, carving tool

2 part epoxy glue

Step 1: Paper Mache Head Base

Firstly, I prepared the paper mache paste. This was in powder form that you dissolve in warm water until it thickens up. Then I ripped strips of newspapers and with a paint brush or my fingers, I applied the paste and shape the newspaper strips to an egg shaped form. I sculpted the face making the forehead prominent as well as the cheeks as I reference it from the photo. This way, I don't need to add a thick layer of air dry clay to the paper mache base. When I was happy with the shape, I let this completely dry which took around 1 week. Once dry, I coated the surface of the face with gesso.

Step 2: Sculpting the Face With Air Dry Clay

Before I detail the face, I applied a layer of air dry clay using a small amount of water to adhere it to the form. Then I start with the brow, cheeks and nose area scoring the pieces of clay to promote adhesion. Then the eyes are 2 oval pieces just making them as symmetrical as possible. Then with a sculpting tool, I mark where the eyelids would be. Next for the mouth, I start with the upper lip then the lower lip leaving a space in between for the teeth. When everything has been sculpted out, it's time to let it completely dry which took around a week. The clay I used was DAS and it will start out as a light gray colour but turns white when dried. Once dried, I sanded it in a well ventilated area just enough to refine the features.

I drew out the eyebrows with a pencil then carved it out with a carving tool. Next, I applied a layer of gesso.

Step 3: Painting the Face

I used acrylic paints for the painting process. After the gesso is dry, I then painted it in black which helps provide depth to the piece. Then with a mop brush, I dry brushed the surface with white paint. The red markings on the face and the eyes are first drawn in with pencil then painted. It's best to apply thin layers of paint.

To make the eyes and teeth glossy, I used 2 part epoxy and applied with a toothpick.

Step 4: Making the Collar

I used a black foam board as the plaque of the decor. The collar will be glued first to this.

For the collar, I used handmade thin paper for the collar but you can also use white kraft paper. The advantage of using the mulberry paper is it looks like fabric when sculpted. To sculpt paper, I paint it first with diluted paint then while it's wet, I pleated it. Add some wood glue first to one side of the paper and the board then make the pleats. I start the collar from the bottom up making 3 layers and drying one layer at a time before adding the next. Once dried, I dry brush it with white paint. Even with the white paint on top, the yellow still peaks through which gives it depth.

Step 5: Making the Hair

For the hair, I used tissue paper with wood glue. Just adding bulk to certain areas such as the sides of the hair. When dried, I glued a layer of handmade paper on top of the tissue to smoothen it. Then for the top hair piece, I drilled the top of the head and added a piece of wire. Sculpted it with tissue and glue then a layer of the handmade paper. When everything's dry, I applied a layer of gesso. This is the time I glued the face on the board with industrial strength glue similar to E-6000. To further make it look like hair, I used moulding paste then with a pointed rubber tip tool, sculpted the strands of hair. Similar with the face, I first painted it with black paint then dry brushed multiple layers of orange and red.

Then I just cut out the excess foam board as I don't want it seen from the sides.

To attach to the wall, You can either used a wall hanging kit, screwing the D rings then attaching the wire or several pieces of 3M picture hanging strips if don't want to be bothered with installing hooks on the wall.

I hope you like this tutorial!

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