Introduction: The Frankenstein Family

Every year our little family looks forward to planning out themes for our house and choosing our costumes, all of course with one rule in mind..... It must be "classic" Halloween with a little room for new School, and we've done em all, witches, vampires, Devils, ghosts, and skeletons.... , this year however we chose a different kind of classic , and what better then , the always memorable Frankenstein, the bride of Frankenstein and the MAD doctor who made them .....
And here's our journey......

to make the " bride of Frankenstein":

2 sheets
Old wigs, one white , one with black hair
White makeup
Optional: nails, lashes
Gauze( arms)

To make " Frankenstein"

Old sport coat ( we got ours at thrift shop)
Black pants
Black shirt
Black boots
Cardboard to line the shoes
Optional: gloves we got ours at clearance they were actually zombie hands and I hand painted them to match the mask.



White shirt( adult size I got one at the thrift shop) you will be cutting this one and making this into an old fashion lab coat that closes from the back
Black pants
Optional: head lamp which I made with an old make up case and a headband
Dr Frankenstein name tag :)

Step 1: "The Bride"

Start by combing out Your black curly wig , Trim the hair all over to create a shorter style easier to comb up, now use your hairspray and use it abundantly while combing up, secure w Bobby pins at the sides,
now on to the sides of her hair , the white section of her hair , use the second wig ( white) and cut it and hot glued it on , this will require major hairspray and more bobbypins , leave that aside to dry .


Grab a sheet and cut in the center (for your head ) aim for a square form around the neckline, it should be pretty close to your actual neck, now for the shoulder area add shoulder pads , I hot glued mine , now cut the fabric dangling down with a pair of scissors I did so while I was wearing it , go all the way up just before getting to the shoulder pads . Now use old bandages for your hands including your fingers , yes it can be a little uncomfortable if you do it tight so remember to try and leave it a little lose for comfort or u can always just wear a white long sleeved shirt or dress instead.
For my makeup : I used a bride of Frankenstein inspired makeup tutorial and added my own little twist with different colors
And your done!

Step 2: "Frankenstein "

Frankenstein was relatively easy .... Here's how we did it......

We got a used mask from eBay and repainted with a sponge and some acrylic paint to look a little more "alive" , I added bolts (wooden corks) because it only had one , I hot glued them where the originals one day had stood.
I also bought a cheap pair of light gray zombie hands at the halloween store and repainted them w the same color of the mask to make it more uniform. I visited the thrift store and scored a blazer jacket for 1.00 ,and some black pants for 2.00, And he wore his very own shirt and your done!

Step 3: "Dr. Frankenstein"

This one proved to be a little challenging for me.... I wanted the gown to resemble the classic doctors gown he wore in the black and white Frankenstein movie.... I looked every where online but couldn't find one, they were either too big, to long , to thin, too expensive or not quite what I was looking for, so I decided to try and make him one .....

I went down to the thrift shop and purchased an adult size (small ) long length sleeve shirt ,
And started it by having my 2 year old try it on for size, I marked the sides and I took the sleeves off completely,didn't take me to long to do the vest like form, cut all the extra fabric off , then made sleeves and added a cuff to give it a more classic vintage look.

I thought what could be cooler than an old vintage head lamp ?
So I got an old hair band ( black)
A pumpkin light
An old piece of metal from my compact

I made a hole in the center of the metal with a nail and a hammer, hot glued the light w the metal, colored the light black and hot glued it onto the hair band!

Trick or treat basket:
Hot glue corks on to the sides of your basket, we got ours at the dollar store, picked up the corks there and painted them gray.
And we're done!!!

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