It's the spectacular, stupendous, horrorshow, marvelous, wonderful Nifty Little Dental hygiene Pocket Kit! Weather you're on the go, travel allot or just need some extra storage space, this is the Instructable for you. It's little, its important, it keeps your mouth clean and it fit in your pocket. Comes complete with dental floss, toothpick, a tube of tooth paste and ,you guessed it, a tooth brush. This Instructable will teach you how to make one of these little marvels yourself!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

All you need is;
1. A tin case; such as an Altoids case or a spice tin (if you can get the top off).
2. Some dental floss
3. A small spindle of some sort , or a bobbin (probably from a sewing machine)
4. Some solder
5. Tooth paste
6. tooth brush
7. tooth pick.

Step 2: Gather Your Tools.

Get your tools ready.
1. A nail
2. A hack saw
3. A soldering iron
4. And some sort of blunt object you can hit the nail with (a hammer would be nice)

4.5 not pictured is a file

Step 3: Getting the Tooth Brush In.

simply hold the tooth brush up to the case and see where it measures up to and use the hack saw there.

Step 4: Creating the Floss Despenser.

well get your bobbin file out, its time to do some filing. start filing the bobbin down till you get to the second circle, as shown in the first picture (unless you are impatient, or just lazy, you can use the soldering iron to just melt away the outer circle, that is if its a crappy soldering iron.)
Then you start to wrap the floss around the now slightly smaller bobbin and stick a piece of the solder through the center of it and somehow secure the bobbin in the center of the solder.
Then find some way of securing the floss cutter that you took off of the dental floss container to the tin. I just used glue but i did try to solder the two together.... needless to say, it didn't work.
Using your nail and, preferably a hammer, hit 3 holes in the tin. Two of which will have solder sticking out of it and the middle one will have the dental floss coming out of it. now use the soldering iron to flatten and secure the rods sticking out of the tin.

Step 5: Well...

What else can me done, other than stick everything in its case(i.e. toothbrush, tooth pick, tooth paste, other small dental hygiene products).
there you have it. its your very own Nifty Little Dental hygiene Pocket Kit!
have fun and have fun traveling and making it on time.

*note* the wire doesn't need to be solder, it just has to be malleable enough to get through the holes and secure the bobbin.
feel free to build off this and be sure to vote for me in the pocket contest.


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