Introduction: Ice Chilled Personal Misting System

To beat the heat I came up with a personal misting system. I re-purpose a drip irrigation system to be the source of our personal mister. It is essentially a bucket filled with ice that has hose water pass through it and the water chills before it hits the mister head. All in all this project costs about 13.00 dollars and all parts are off the shelf parts and no special tools are required.

Step 1: Parts Needed

The only tools needed are a pair of scissors and a drill with 1/4 bit.

The parts can be seen in the above pictures.

  • 1/4 50 feet mister hose.

  • mister with memory flex head

  • Mister spike

  • 1/4 shutoff valve

  • Hose thread to 1/4 adapter

  • 5 gallon bucket lid

  • 5 gallon bucket

Step 2: Prepare the Bucket Lid

Drill (3) 1/4 holes. One hole is to hold the mister riser. The other two holes are for the 1/4 hose coming in and 1/4 hose coming out.

Use the scissors to cut off about 1 inch of tubing. Save this for later.

Feed the 1/4 inch hose from the bottom of the lid through two holes on opposite sides of the lid.

Step 3: Attach the Mister and Hose Attachments

Set the lid in the bucket, lowering the coiled 50 hose into the bucket. Later the bucket will be filled with ice and the water will chill as pumps through this hose through the ice. I have my hose taped into a tight coil, but cutting it will allow the water to chill more efficiently.

Attach the shutoff valve to the mister to the hose that comes out of the lid on the side with the two holes. From the shutoff valve attach the one inch piece of hose we cut earlier. Now attach the mister to the other end of that one inch hose. Insert the mister spike into the empty hole. Push it in as deep as you can get it to make it secure. Attach the mister to the spike. Leave it up so that mister can flex and be aimed.

On the other end of the hose, attach the 1/4 to hose thread adapter.

Step 4:

The mister is ready for testing. Take it outside and hook up a hose. turn on the hose slowly, then open your valve below the mister.

The water will fill all the hosing faster than it exits so you should start to fill the chilled mist shortly.

Stay cool my friends!

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