Laser Cut USB Thumb Drive Holder



Introduction: Laser Cut USB Thumb Drive Holder

If you are like me then you have tons of various USB drives laying around. I decided to kill the clutter and get organized. A simple holder would keep all the drives in one easy to find place.

To do this, you just need access to a laser cutter and have some scraps laying around. This project doesn't use much wood. You can also use acrylic.

Step 1: Get Your Design Ready and Layout Your Materials

I designed my holder (cut files are here for download) then threw some scraps on the laser to run the cuts.

Step 2: Cut Your Parts

After cutting, I removed the scraps for assembly. Be sure to keep any leftovers. I'm sure these will be useful in the future!

Step 3: Snap Assembly

I was able to snap the stand together without glue as I designed the assembly points to be tight. If you're worried though about rigidity, then add a few drops of wood glue.

Step 4: Final Product

Here is the final assembly. The cutouts are big enough to accommodate most size usb drives and I made the stand shallow enough to hold various heights of usb drives. Feel free to tweak it to make it work for your needs though!

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