Introduction: Ice Cream Stick Crossbow

HI, i am prajwal from white field nook .

Today i will show how to make mini crossbow

Materials :

  • 12- 14 ice cream sticks
  • 3-4 rubber bends
  • A mechanical driller
  • A cutter
  • A hot glue
  • And a pop stick

Step 1: Ice Cream Sticks


  • Take three ice cream sticks.
  • And drill one hole in the center and two holes in the sides of the ice cream sticks .
  • Take another two sticks and drill hole one the center and two holes in one corner of the sticks and cut sum part of it using cutter which is given in the above photo .
  • Cut ice cream sticks into small pieces into two pairs.

Step 2: Pop Sticks


  • Join the ice cream sticks in the following manner using pop sticks .
  • Place the small pieces of ice cream sticks.
  • In the middle of the ice cream as shown in photo.
  • Place a new ice cream stick in the bottom of it as shown in the above picture