Introduction: Ice Cream & Salad Scooper All in One!

Sometimes we find it hard to scoop ice cream really fast, so we have built an improved ice scream scooper that will actually make it easier to scoop ice cream fast! We have also incorporated a salad scooper / grabber because who wouldn't want to get two things in one! It is a great deal!'
This scooper scoops ice cream better and also the ice cream grabber can be removed and the thongs can be used as a salad grabber. 
We basically cut metal and drilled some nails to put it all together, it is really easy to build!

1. (2) Spaghetti Spoons
2. (1) Tong
3. (2) nails - a type of nail to drill on metal
4. Electric Saw
5. Electric Drill

Step 1: Getting the Supplies!

We bought two spaghetti spoons and a pair of tongs to attach the spaghetti spoons in them. We also got an electric saw and drill, and also claws that are a type of nail to drill the supplies together.

We went to Bed Bad & Beyond to get these supplies (spaghetti spoons and tongs), they were not that bad in pricing for being hard metal and they are really easy to find. Just make sure you are in the kitchen section and it should be pretty obvious which material you need to choose.

You could go to any hardware store to get the electric saw and drill if you do not already have one, and the nails you can find them in the same place if you dont already have any of these supplies. 

Step 2: Cutting Things!

We are first going to start by cutting the spaghetti spoon, so we are basically going to cut the handle of the spoon and only leave the long side of the spoon. This will help us make it easier to attach it to the tongs.

Step 3: Drill Things Down!

This is where you are going to have to have your electric drill, we are going to saw down the "claws" meaning the nails into the spaghetti spoon. Make sure you are precise in this step because you don't want to mess up the holes in the spaghetti spoon.

Step 4: Placing Things Together!

We want to make sure that the spaghetti spoon actually fits inside the pair of tongs you chose. If you find yourself that the spaghetti spoon is too long, then cut it a little bit more that way it can fit. Place it inside of the thong and make sure it does fit, so when we drill all of it together it will fit perfectly.

Step 5: Drill Everything Together!

We are in our final step where we put all of it together, this is important because you have to drill the nails on the side of the thongs and make sure it goes through the hole that you made on your spaghetti spoon and also that it is secure and well put so that you will be able to scoop ice cream and even use it as a salad scooper as well!

So you will get your electric drill and get the nails and start drilling it all together into one, make sure you drill on the top middle of the tongs, you don't want to drill too high or too low. You want to drill where it will perfectly stay and be secured.

There you go! Now you are all done.
Go ahead and test it out and see if it works.