Introduction: Ice Kacang @ABC Recipe

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Ice Kacang Recipe or Ais Kacang recipe is the most famous Malaysian dessert recipe. Ice kacang is locally known as air batu campur or ABC in Malaysia. Air batu means ‘ice’ while campur means ‘mix’. This mix ice dessert is one of the more popular Malaysian desserts which is actually made with a mound of finely shaved ice sweetened with sweet flavored syrup such as palm sugar syrup, sarsaparilla syrup or rose syrup and evaporated milk. The shaved ice is then topped with a generous portion of jelly, palm seed (attap chee), red beans, peanuts and sweet corn. The best ice kacang recipe in Penang is usually served with exotic durian flavored ice cream and thin slices of bananas.

Ingredients for ice kacang recipe
» finely shaved ice
» rose syrup
» evaporated milk
» cooked red beans(Adzuki bean)
» palm sugar syrup

Toppings for ice kacang(optional)
» 1 tin creamed sweet corn
» 75 g jelly(Nata De Coco)
» 80 g finely crushed roasted peanuts
» 45 g palm seed
» sliced bananas(optional)
» durian ice cream

Ingredients to make cooked red beans for ais kacang
» 140 g red beans
» 330 ml water
» 95 g sugar
» 3 knotted pandan leaves

Ingredients to make palm sugar syrup for ais kacang
» 180 g palm sugar
» 130 ml water
» 3 knotted pandan leaves

How to cook red beans for ice kacang
» rinse the red beans with running water
» soak red beans in water for two hours
» put the red beans, pandan leaves and water into a pot
» bring water to a boil
» lower heat and simmer until red beans start to become soft
» stir regularly
» put in sugar and cooked until red beans become mushy
» you will also notice the water drying up
» remove from heat and allow red beans to cool

How to cook palm sugar syrup for ice kacang
» put the palm sugar, pandan leaves and water into a pot
» bring water to a boil
» lower heat and simmer until the syrup thickens
» remove from heat and let the syrup cool down

FINALLY How to make ice kacang
» put a mould of finely shaved ice onto a serving bowl
» flavor the ice with evaporated milk, palm sugar syrup and rose syrup
» top with jelly, peanuts, red beans and sweet corn
» sometimes these toppings are put underneath the ice
» also top with a scoop of durian ice cream and serve immediately