Introduction: Iceberg: the Modular Toolbox

The Iceberg is a modular toolbox for storing your tools in an effecient way. By making it modular you are never carrying empty space with you, you can just take whatever you need.

How does it work?

The toolbox consists of several segments, created just for your personal tools. These contain your tools, you can organize them to your likings. These segments are mounted to a baseplate with the handle and some basic tools you will allways need (like rulers and pencils).

If the baseplat is full, you can add segments onto each other, creating a theoritcaly infinite expendable toolbox. If one day you need to carry a tool with you that is larger than your largest segment, you can just combine two segments to create a larger segment.

Step 1: What Do You Need?


- Enough plywood depending on the size of your segments (I recommend 8mm berch plywood)

- 1 luggage clamp for each segment

- 1 special hinge shown in the picture for each segment

- Tool clamps, depending on how much tools you want to store in a segment.

- You could also use elastic bands for securing the tools.

- Some strong textile (like leather) to be used as a handle 400mmx30mm

- Some small screws for securing the lugage clamps and hinges.


- A lasercutter

- Glue (I recommend PU-glue)

- Some tools to help for keeping pressure while glueing.

Step 2: Designing the Lasercut Files

1. Design your own toolbox

If you want to make a truely personal toolbox it is possible. Go to to create your own segments, these you have to edit in a program like illustrator to create a similar lasercut file like in the pictures. Remove the upper plate and the connections for this upper plate. You can also reduce the sidewalls to triangles to keep room voor expending while still providing support for the other sidewalls.

When you create your own segments keep in mind that their needs to be enough room on the baseplate, when you make the baseplate yourself be sure to add two small rectangles for securing the handle!. You could also lasercut holes for adding the connections and the tool clamps in the next step.

2. Use a template

If you don't want to make it too hard on yourself you could use our templates to create a toolbox similar as in the pictures. I have added templates for the segments:

- Baseplate: 290x250x50

- Small segment: 200x250x58

- Medium segment: 300x250x58

-Large segment: 350x250x58

Here you can add holes for your connection and tool clamps too.

Step 3: Assembly

Step 1

Glue the lasercutted parts together to create the segments and baseplate.

Step 2

Add the connections using the holes you added to the lasercut or drill some holes for them. Look at the pictures to make sure you assembly your lugage clamps and hinges in the right manner.

Step 3

Add the toolclamps to your segments.

Step 4

Secure the handle by putting them throught the small rectangles on top of the baseplate an adding some screws through them on the back.

Now your toolbox is finished!

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