Introduction: Igloo


1) Snow

2) Shovel

3) Rectangle container. Easier if you have about 10 containers. Make sure they are all the same size.

Clear out a circular spot where your igloo will go.

Step 1: Fill Container

Fill the container with snow. Compact it in.

Step 2: Start by Laying the Horseshoe Shape With the Filled Snow Container.

Start by laying the horseshoe shape with the filled snow container Then start brick layering the second layer on top of that. Move it towards the center approximately 1/4 the size of your block.

Step 3: Continue Brick Layering

Continue brick layering until you put the last one on top. We sprayed some of it with red food coloring for fun. This took us a total of 3 days to build. I would say this is once in a lifetime igloo for me. I was alot of work. We put a air mattress in with blankets and hung out for the rest of the day. It was warmer inside then it was outside for sure.

Step 4: Melting Away

We were sad to see it go.

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    2 years ago

    . My 3 sisters and I played in it for about 3 months and went through a pail of batteries for our flashlights. It was really cold when we'd first go in, but get a tad warmer after a bit.
    One thing prevented our Mom from getting to enjoy her igloo creation, the entrance opening was way too small for her to crawl through. She did a real good job and many neighbors took pics of it.


    2 years ago on Step 3

    60 years, yes 60 years ago my mother made an igloo like this one and added another one connected by a 2 foot tunnel. She lined the entire inside with pieces of tinfoil from a large roll.
    Since it was always so cold during northern NJ winters and shaded partly by the side of the house and the trunk of a large tree, it barely melted at all. She'd pack snow all over it every now and then to keep it firm, and made us scrape out the snow "floor" and then tamp down new snow all around the inside.