Introduction: Calendar Magnets

Fun new creative idea to spruce up your calendar.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Step one

Gather all your supplies:


Thermal laminating sheets

Sticker paper

Magnets (any will work)

Scissors or paper cutter

Step 2: Making Stickers

You can make your own the stickers or use what you have laying around. As well as printing your own you can use paper and the just write on it with dry eraser marker. Lay the image out in your computer and print any way you would like.

Step 3: Place the Sticker

Open the laminating paper and place the sticker on the laminating sheet.

Step 4: Place It Through Laminator

Place the sheet through the laminator.

Step 5: Cut Around

Cut around the edges as close as you can.

Step 6: Place Magnet

Peel the sticker off the back of the magnet. Make sure you make it big enough so the calendar magnet will stick. If you dont have self adhesive magnets the use a hot glue gun to place magnet on the back.

Step 7: Writing on the Paper.

You can write whatever you would like on the paper sheet you laminated.

Step 8: Final Look

Your possibilities are limitless.

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