Ikea Hack Kate Spade Desk

Introduction: Ikea Hack Kate Spade Desk

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Turn a basic white desk into a dead ringer for the Kate Spade polka dot desk that retails for over $3000. It's easy with little high gloss paint and some simple brass hardware.

Step 1: See How I Did It Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Alex desk from Ikea (or your own)

American Decor Maxx Gloss in Patent Leather

2 polished brass Barrel Bolts


Soft bristle brush

3/4" daubers

Step 3: Here's How

Center and screw in the barrel bolts in the center of each drawer

Clip tiny divots in the dauber

*Kate's polka dots aren't perfectly round

Stir the Maxx Gloss thoroughly

Test the dauber on piece of paper to get the hang of it

Paint polka dots on the top of the desk

Paint the legs in solid black with a brush

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