Introduction: How to Make Use of Narrow Spaces Leftover in the Kitchen...

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This was my addition to my Ikea kitchen. I had a 220mm space between the pantry and the fridge, and wasnt sure how to fill it. This was my solution! Stores my broom and vacuum hose, and various other bits.

What you'll need:

2 flat/side drawer runners ( or 3 if the panel is quite large). I got 2 stainless steel ones for $20 from a kitchen hardware shop.
A flat panel to fit the space next to your cupboard/pantry) - mine was the same size as the panel on my Ikea pantry.
Tape measure
A suitable space you can access to screw or bolt drawer runners for the panel
A spare set of hands

Oh yeah, this is my first instructable. Next one I'll try to make sure to take more photos of the actual working steps.

Edit: i think in hindsight this is more suited to being a slideshow, only I couldnt work out how to do that at the time!

Step 1: Attach Runners

First, measure and mark out lines at the top and bottom of the cupboard where you want to attach the runners. Mine were about  200 mm from the top and bottom. The main thing is to be sure they are parallel to each other for smooth running, and perpendicular / at right angles to the front so your pullout pulls out nicely.

Inset the drawer runner from the front of the pantry, so the shiny steel doesnt poke out too obviously.

I didnt want to make a mess of my panel so I predrilled the holes, but if you are using self-tapping chipboard screws you can risk it. I wouldn't because I've learnt that lesson the hard way.

Also, be sure to measure your screws so they don't poke through to the inside of the pantry. Seems obvious, but the way I forget things, a little reminder never hurts.

P.s. best to do  this before you put up the next cabinet... if  you do it after, i guess you could put your runners in from inside the pantry but it's a lot more fiddly.

Step 2: Attach Panel

This is pretty easy, but I needed a hand to hold the panel in place while I attached the panel to the runners (from the inside of the runner, again using screws shorter than the width of the panel).

Because the runners were parrallel and an equal distance from the front of the pantry, I just attached the panel 10mm to the front of the runners. You can work out for yourself whether you want your panel to poke out, be flush, or inset.

Step 3: Attach Holders

Here's where you get to attach whatever kind of implement holders you like or have lying around.

I had an Ikea vacuum tidy so that was simple - just position it where it will be most handy for you.

I wanted to store a mop and broom and happened to inherit a couple of garden tool hooks that worked OK.

There was some spare room to I made a little holder for some tools out of a leftover bit of aluminium angle - just drilled several holes and attached it.

Step 4: Slide It Away and Enjoy Surprising Your Visitors...

It was great fun installing my own Ikea kitchen, and showing it off to friends, but this little detail seemed to impress people more than anything else!

I thought about adding a cover at the front to hide the innards of my pullout, but it all got a bit difficult at that point, and I found people don't  notice it anyway until I show them - the smooth glide out always brings a smile. Sometimes I just stand in the kitchen and pull it out to cheer myself up.