Introduction: Ikea Dioder Expansion Hack for Everyone

Well i have read all the other ikea hacks involving programing boards and soldering and it looks far to complicated to achieve something i can do simply buy buying a  pricier controller.

however on the cheap, the dioder control with its few buttons and the wheel is very simple, and i figure it is less likely to die than a 20$ ebay rgb controller with a remote that i can lose somewhere and be screwed.  

I wanted to add more led mood lighting to my travel trailer.

I already had a new 5m roll of 5050 smd , (ebay) and a controller that came with it, but i wanted the simplicity of the dioder control without a credit card remote that would get lost in the trailer somewhere.  

I started out with the kit from the store with the four round led pods. 

>First i cut off the 120v adapter as im using this in a trailer the voltage from the inverter is an acceptable 12v so i hard wired it in.

>I cut a small piece of plastic out of the back of the controller case so i could run the wire out the rear of the case and though a hole in the back of the cabinet.

i tied the box into 12v and re-connected the control cable to the wheel

the rgb amp also needs 12v power to the jack so i cut off the end of an old wall wort for the plug needed and tied it into my 12v feed as well.

the three pods were re connected the the distribution block.

i installed the three led pods under the counter where i wanted them.

The fourth pod  i cut the wire in about the center giving me the common + RGB control wire to go to the amp.

I orderd a 5$ rgb amp from ebay and ran the fourth pod channel into the input of the rgb amp.

The output runs via cat5 to the 1.5m strip under the kitchen cabinets where its soldered to the connection cable of my 1.5m under cabinet run. 

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