Introduction: Ikea_Shoe Cabinet Hack to Amp and Mixer Rack

Well, I had this Ikea shoe cabinet for awhile. I did not use it and kept in case I need it, and the time came.

i have setup a small stage made out of pallets in my Art Asylum coffee shop and I needed a place to host an amp, mixer, cables and microphones.

This how it came to be this excellent "rack" and storage.

Step 1:

The amp measures an few millimeters shorter in width that the shoe cabinet , so ii fitted perfectly.

The mixer is a xylyx1204usb, and it almost fitted. If you use 90 degree XLR and 3/4, the door closes without problems otherwise, unplug the top cables.

Step 2:

This how it looks. I stored microphones under the mixer and cables under the amp

Step 3:

and this is how it looks finished. I left the amp exposed for ventilation.

Hope you enjoy my hack. You can adapt this to other uses like play station, laptop ect