Ikea_Shoe Cabinet Hack to Amp and Mixer Rack

Introduction: Ikea_Shoe Cabinet Hack to Amp and Mixer Rack

Well, I had this Ikea shoe cabinet for awhile. I did not use it and kept in case I need it, and the time came.

i have setup a small stage made out of pallets in my Art Asylum coffee shop and I needed a place to host an amp, mixer, cables and microphones.

This how it came to be this excellent "rack" and storage.

Step 1:

The amp measures an few millimeters shorter in width that the shoe cabinet , so ii fitted perfectly.

The mixer is a xylyx1204usb, and it almost fitted. If you use 90 degree XLR and 3/4, the door closes without problems otherwise, unplug the top cables.

Step 2:

This how it looks. I stored microphones under the mixer and cables under the amp

Step 3:

and this is how it looks finished. I left the amp exposed for ventilation.

Hope you enjoy my hack. You can adapt this to other uses like play station, laptop ect

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    6 years ago

    I like it. Nice and compact, and includes storage for cables, etc. If you attached the missing panel with magnetic door catches, so it could be easily removed during use, and had an extra top piece with a hollow spot routed out to cover the amp, this piece would be completely non-descript, and not attract unwanted attention (from small hands, etc :) ).


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you for you input. Actually, i am planning to make a cover that will open a few cm from below. I will update with pictures.


    6 years ago

    Nice cabinet hack!