Introduction: I'm Busy TTYL

I personally am a person who is very lazy at replying to messages. Especially when I'm bust at work, yet my friends kept texting me. That is annoying AND distracting at the same time. That's why I made this "I'm Busy TTYL" machine. So I can efficiently reply to my friends and get back to work as soon as possible. TTYl, in texting culture means " Talk To You Later", and in my own opinion, I think this is the best way to reply to my friends when I am busy.


1. A shoebox (any box or container that can fit the Arduino board in it)

2. An Adruino button

3. Multiple cables

4. charging line that can adapt to your computer and your Arduino board

Step 1: Connect Cables

Connecting the cables is the easiest part, just connect them exactly as what I did on the pictures.

Step 2: Find Container and Dig a Hole

Find a container that can fit your Arduino board in it. And then dig a hole on the lid so you can fit the button in it. Lastly, decorate it. And WALLA!!! You're done!!

Step 3: Code